Our Values

Our mission is to break down the barriers and accelerate the uptake of community owned renewable energy in Scunthorpe and wider North Lincolnshire.

There are 5 core values to North Lincolnshire Community Energy:

  • To bring local people and organisations together to tackle climate change
  • To reduce the use of non-renewable sources of energy
  • To create an active and engaged energy community in North Lincolnshire
  • To increase the affordability of renewable energy
  • To generate a social benefit for the community of North Lincolnshire

Our Objectives

  1. To decarbonise electricity used by educational and community-based buildings in Scunthorpe
  2. To reduce the cost of electricity and exposure to price volatility
  3. To incentivise and accelerate clean, zero-carbon, renewable energy
  4. To increase energy security by rolling out on-site renewable generation
  5. To educate children and young people on the importance of renewable energy

A co-operative or community benefit society operates much like a traditional limited company except that the voting rights are distributed equally amongst the members, regardless of the number of shares held.  Hence a stake in the co-op is within easy reach of almost everyone but no single individual or organisation can have a controlling interest.

North Lincolnshire Community Energy is a community benefit society owned by it's members for the benefit of the community.  Members are protected by limited liability status.  Its constitution is in the form of Rules approved by and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.