Board of Directors



Mary Allen

Mary Allen is is committed to improving the local environment and this led her to join the campaigning organisation, CPRE The countryside charity. As an active member for ten years, she is currently secretary for both the Northern Lincolnshire Branch and the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Group.

Mary has spent many years in education working as a teacher in several North Lincolnshire primary schools and is currently serving as a governor for a local
primary school confederation.

She is delighted to join the North Lincolnshire Community
Energy Group and looks forward to the exciting opportunity
to contribute to its work.

Cllr David Rose

David has worked in education, with 30 years senior leadership experience in secondary and primary schools. Committed to environmental issues for many
years, he has been Chair of Northern Lincolnshire CPRE, the countryside charity since 2010 and is regional chair of CPRE for Yorkshire and the Humber.

A resident of the Isle of Axholme for over 40 years, David was elected as
a North Lincolnshire Councillor and joined the Cabinet Team in 2015. He is currently Cabinet Member for the Environment and Strategic Planning and in that role has developed a ‘Green Futures’ policy for North Lincolnshire,
which commits the council to achieving ‘net zero’ by 2030.

He is delighted to have the opportunity of promoting a more sustainable future through the North Lincolnshire Community Energy scheme.

Holly Mumby-Croft

Holly Mumby Croft

Holly is the Conservative MP for Scunthorpe and its surrounding villages. She was born in Scunthorpe, is a resident of North Lincolnshire and has lived in this area all her life. Prior to her election as an MP in 2019 Holly was a North Lincolnshire Councillor and chaired North Lincolnshire’s Health Scrutiny Panel.

Mike Smyth MBE, Chair

Mike is a solicitor who lives in Milford, Surrey. He is a full-time volunteer on community energy and is the Chair of Energy4All, The Schools’ Energy Co-operative, Wey Valley Solar Schools Energy Co-operative and Springbok
Sustainable Wood Heat Co-operative. He is also a director of M&S Energy Society, Energy Prospects and Energise South. Previously he was a partner of
Lawrence Graham, a major London based firm of Solicitors, for more than 20 years, specialising in corporate and commercial law. He chaired Friends of the Earth Trust until 2012. He has been leading Energy4All’s work to develop
and launch North Lincolnshire Community Energy.

Zach Wishart

Zach has worked as a Project manager with Energy4All since 2020 and primarily works on solar roof projects. Previously he worked on wide ranging environmental projects on the West Coast of Scotland which focused on domestic energy and thermal imaging but included low carbon travel, waste reduction, local food growing and a Hydro scheme which became an Energy4All project in 2021.